Welcome to Our New Website

Throughout 2016, the Communications Committee met regularly and worked diligently to re-develop and re-design the Shadyside Presbyterian Church website. This project partially continues the committee work begun in 2012 which resulted in the establishment of a new graphic identity for the church. As announced at that time, the graphic identity has been integrated gradually throughout the church’s publications; now, the website joins our other updated materials through a multi-phase launch.

The new site layout you see on your screen was carefully created with the superb help of the talented team at Pittsburgh-based Imagebox Productions; their efforts ensure the site looks beautiful, clean, and legible, regardless of the size of your screen. In addition to this mobile-responsive design, the new site benefits from an expanded menu of options for navigation. We hope this means you will find it easier than ever to find what you are looking for on our site, using the device of your preference: cellphone, tablet, or computer.

While we encourage you to take some time to explore the new site yourself, we would like to take a moment to highlight two improved resources which we hope you will find particularly useful and convenient:

  • the blog, which you have just visited to read this inaugural post; and,
  • a more robust online calendar, from which you may now export events to your own personal electronic calendar. You may also filter events on our new calendar by category — a helpful tool to streamline the schedule of a very busy and multi-faceted organization such as our beloved church.

In order to bring you increased functionality in the future — including online giving options and a private online community portal for members to contact each other, share, and access information — we needed first to modernize our website platform; so today’s introduction is merely the first step in a longer campaign to move the church’s digital communications forward. Later in 2017, we look forward to offering the aforementioned new features, as well as additional content, including video and, eventually, increased social media activity. We are confident these efforts will better position the church for continuing to build community online.

We are deeply grateful for the creativity, insight, and expertise Imagebox brought to this significant undertaking, and we are so pleased to share the results of their hard work with you. We hope you enjoy browsing the new site, and we look forward to sharing even more exciting features with you in the months ahead.