Shadyside Introduces New “Digital Mosaic”

Shadyside Presbyterian Church’s “Digital Mosaic,” illustrated Mark Bender. All rights reserved by Shadyside Presbyterian Church.
Shadyside Presbyterian Church’s “Digital Mosaic,” illustrated by Mark Bender. All rights reserved by Shadyside Presbyterian Church.
Artist Mark Bender Creates New Church Illustration

On April 4, 2018, the Communications Committee of Shadyside Presbyterian Church (SPC) met with noted Chatham art professor and award-winning graphic artist Mark Bender to explore the idea of creating an inspiring illustration based on our SPC community of faith. Mark presented his work and on May 2, 2018, the committee agreed to move forward with a commission for him to create a new branding image that would inspire current members and provide exciting visual information to visitors and new members.

After attending a worship service and touring the exterior and interior of the church, Mark presented four illustrated concepts for the committee’s consideration on June 12, 2018. The committee selected the concept that combined unique architectural features of the building and sanctuary with illustrations representing SPC life and mission and asked Mark to fully develop the illustration as a new branding image.

The final illustration is clearly inspired by the visual centerpiece of our sanctuary, Rudolf Sheffler’s shimmering 1938 mosaic of the Transfigured Christ. It depicts our vibrant and inclusive community of faith, which enriches the life of all members and is open to any and all to join our mission of service to God and to the world.

The illustration has been presented to the ministerial staff and to the SPC Session, and both have endorsed its use as a new institutional image of the church. Due to its mosaic-like form, the artwork can be used for many graphic purposes, in part or as a whole, and allows for the possibility to incorporate additional vignettes in the future. The Communications Committee invites members to let us know your thoughts about this new “digital mosaic.” You can share your feedback by sending a message to

SPC Communications Committee: Elder Jayne Adair Cox, chair; Elder John E. B. Baldridge; Elder Sara G. Brooke; Trustee H. Daniel Cessna; Elder Robert J. Ferguson; and Rev. Janice L. Murray

About the Artist

Mark Bender is a nationally-recognized illustrator who is currently an assistant professor of art at Chatham University. Mark is known for creating illustrations that give contemporary concepts an elegant and timeless motif. His illustrations have been featured frequently on the covers of Pittsburgh Quarterly. Mark also created the illustration which formed the basis for the Magee-Women’s Hospital 100th anniversary photo mosaic. His other clients include The Boston Globe, Carnegie Mellon University, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, the University of Pittsburgh, Heinz History Center, NPR, and the University of Chicago.