Serving Our Neighbors, Near and Far

At Shadyside Presbyterian Church, we feel that it is an important part of our spiritual journey to serve with the love of our Lord Jesus.

With a demonstrated commitment to the local and international community for more than 150 years, Shadyside Presbyterian Church also counts among its many blessings a mission-minded congregation.

The programmatic approach applied to our local and global work employs a network of Mission Action Communities (MACs). The Mission Action Community system partners organized groups of church volunteers with other outside agencies or ministries in order to address a particular issue or need. These communities meet regularly, devoting a portion of their time to prayer and scriptural study before strategizing service plans with their partnering agencies.

Through these MACs, we become better community partners and neighbors as we are able to build relationships and provide human resources in addition to financial assistance. We believe that the best way to do meaningful work in our neighborhood and in our world is to create community – that is, a place where we can model and share God’s love.

We invite you to explore our current MACs and learn more about our partnering organizations through the navigation menu. If you feel you’d like to get involved in a particular area of service, all MACs are open to new participants, both formally and informally. For more information or to connect with one of the MACs, please contact the church office.