Sanctuary Lighting Project

The Building and Grounds Committee of Shadyside Presbyterian Church has engaged a lighting consultant, Clear Story Creative, and an electrical contractor, Hatzel & Buehler, Inc., to undertake a sanctuary lighting system modernization project.

The modernization project is tailored to meet the functional and program requirements of the church — combining the illumination principles of art, production, and architecture — with special attention to the ambient in-person worship experience and regular video live-streaming of services. The scope of work consists of the following:

  • Chancel front-light system at two existing positions in the sanctuary
  • Area and downlight system at the existing positions in the chancel
  • Integrated illumination for the restored mosaic niche
  • Accent lighting systems at the pulpit and choir seating areas
  • Upgrades to lighting and power controls for the above

The installation phase began earlier this fall and is scheduled to be completed by year’s end. We anticipate only one Sunday with any disruption to worship, which will take place on November 12. On this date, you may expect to find substantial scaffolding in the sanctuary. Some pews will be inaccessible for seating, and visibility from some of the pews in the back of the sanctuary may be impacted. Please pardon the appearance of our worship space on November 12, and please exercise caution in moving about the areas surrounding the scaffolding. If you need any assistance in accessing a particular seating area, please speak with an usher.

We ask for your patience as this important project moves forward, and we thank you for your understanding while we make these improvements to the sanctuary lighting, which has not seen enhancement for more than three decades. We are confident that the results will be worth the temporary inconvenience.