Pulpit Notes: A Thunderous Whisper

The thunderous whisper of your miraculous, healing love echoes in our souls, O God.

Your Spirit issues an invitation we cannot deny — inviting us to immerse our thoughts and prayers in communion with the Divine. Focus and humility are our prayers for today. As You humbled Yourself in the likeness of humankind, may we humble ourselves in Christ-like meditation, prayer, and service. Stirred from spiritual slumber and bathed in prayer, enable us to seek true peace: not simply to avoid what is wrong, but to pursue what is right; to put our shoulders into the establishment and upholding of what is true. Grant us boldness that only You can generate — so deep within our being that no evil can derail it, nor stop it, nor ignore its power of proclamation through compassion, righteousness, and justice. Your truth, Father, is the love and the miraculous healing for which we pray. Let this love echo through the canyons of our souls, pulsating good news of Your mercy and salvation as a thunderous whisper into a world full of sound. Grant us stillness to stand in the presence of Your Word this day.  Amen.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Reverend Dr. Conrad C. Sharps
Senior Pastor