Pulpit Notes: Lessons of Trial and Error

Lessons of Trial and Error

Some members of my family recently returned from a fun ski weekend in Seven Springs. I wasn’t able to be with them, but it reminded me of another winter weekend many years ago when I joined the youth of my church in Florida on their annual ski retreat. Most of the youth on that ski retreat had never seen snow! I had the privilege of sitting in a warm lodge watching them learn to ski and snowboard. They were timid at first, but through the lessons of trial and error — falls, spills, and scraped knees — the retreat ended with all smiles and an eagerness to go skiing again.

It strikes me how the fundamentals of becoming a skier apply to life as well. To be a disciple of Christ takes tremendous energy. There are spills and falls along the way. We all cannot immediately achieve worldly or spiritual success any more than we can instantly become champion skiers. We can, however, rise above our challenges and difficulties and be renewed through our faith. After all, the One we follow became human Himself so we might have an attainable example. Thanks be to Immanuel, God with us!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Reverend Dr. Conrad C. Sharps
Senior Pastor