Pulpit Notes: Jesus, Our Consolation and Hope

Lord Jesus, You are the author of our salvation, the One in whom we find our consolation and hope. We profess our need to rely on You.

The more real the desolation of sin, human suffering, and evil, the more we must pray for You to reveal Your will and redeeming mercy. Invade our consciousness, Lord. In the midst of desperation and confusion, strengthen our resolve; equip us as a priesthood of believers, a Church whose first order is the proclamation of the Gospel, and the spiritual nurture and fellowship of the people of God. Jesus, may we become a living sanctuary, where the hungry are fed, the wounded are cared for, and the desperate can discover God in You, and You in us.  Amen.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Reverend Dr. Conrad C. Sharps
Senior Pastor