Pulpit Notes: Delight in What Is Good

Sometimes we get so bogged down with stress and worry, and things not going the way we think they should, that we have to make ourselves really focus on the positive, the good of all that is life.

In so doing, we are then open to seeing the good in others and sharing that goodness from God with those in need around us. Do you struggle with attitudes or burdens that fill your life with the negative rather than the positive? Prayer is a good place to start to change that.

Grant me clarity of thought this day, O Lord, and let me delight in what is good. May the fruit of goodness blossom in my soul that I might love without pretense and avoid what is evil in the world. As You looked upon the work of Your creation and called it good, may I reflect upon my labors this day and seek in every opportunity the natural design of creation: Your glory and goodness demonstrated in what is good for others, not in judgment, but in righteous and loving compassion. As Christ came for me, may I be present for others this day and recognize the good in them and the good of prioritizing their needs even to the sacrifice of my own. In this, may I find the good delight Christ desires for all this day. Amen.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Reverend Dr. Conrad C. Sharps
Senior Pastor