Organ Repair and Refurbishment

The Reuter Organ in the Chancel of the Shadyside Presbyterian Church Sanctuary. (Photograph taken by Len Levasseur.)
The Reuter Organ in the Chancel of the Shadyside Presbyterian Church Sanctuary. (Photograph taken by Len Levasseur.)
In 2020, the Music Ministry of Shadyside Presbyterian Church will begin an important multi-year project that affects the worship life of us all: the repair and refurbishment of our two organs in the sanctuary.

Our chancel organ was installed in 1994 to the specifications of Dr. John Walker, our Minister of Music and Organist at the time. It is a splendid instrument which has served us well this quarter of a century. But other than routine tuning, and the occasional small repair, the organ has been at work on our behalf all this time without what now has become a great need for repairs and refurbishment.

The gallery instrument was installed in 1973 in memory of Dr. Howard Scharfe. It, too, is in need of refurbishing, cleaning, and re-voicing. The pipes of this instrument are crucial in supporting congregational singing in the back half of the sanctuary and gallery. A more detailed document outlining the condition of the organs is available through the church office upon request. In addition, Mark Anderson would be more than happy to speak to you to answer further questions.

At the December 2019 meeting of the Session, our ruling elders approved moving forward in this effort, as well as reaching out to the congregation to invite one and all to share in it.

The work is being undertaken by Charles Kegg Organbuilders, a highly respected firm, in which we have utmost confidence. The work will be accomplished in phases, in order that we will have at least one of the organs working at all times. We will address the chancel organ first, beginning after Easter and continuing throughout the summer and early fall, during which time we will worship utilizing the gallery organ and grand piano in the chancel.

The combined power and beauty of our chancel and gallery organs is like another member of the congregation who raises our spirits, supports our corporate singing, lifts our minds and hearts, and inspires our lives. With their rich resources, our organs help illuminate sacred mysteries, reveal divine grace, and stir our deepest emotions. The unleashing of the full spectrum of an organ’s power can move us to tears, console our grief, and enhance our joy. It has been said that no other form of music acts so powerfully as an instrument of both meditation and celebration, as we listen, and as we sing together.

We know that our congregation and our community have been blessed by these magnificent instruments in many of these ways, and we invite you to share in their preservation for the future. If you are interested in sharing a gift that will help underwrite this project, we would be most grateful! We hope you shall.

Please direct any financial gifts to the church finance office, earmarking your check “Organ Fund,” as this special donation is separate from the annual budget of the church. Designated cards with instructions and envelopes are located in the Narthex and Sharp Atrium for your convenience.

We thank you for prayerfully considering your support of this worthy endeavor.

The Reverend Dr. John A. Dalles
Interim Senior Pastor and Head of Staff

Mark A. Anderson
Director of Music Ministry