Children’s Music

The Beginning of a Lifelong Love of Music

Shadyside Presbyterian Church believes in the lifelong education, participation, and appreciation of music. Our church’s music program begins early in childhood, with pre-kindergarten students during Christian education classes on Sundays, and continues through adulthood with our choristers and Chancel Choir.

If you are thinking about nurturing your child’s interest in music further, we invite you to consider our Choir School program as a way to do so. Our program goes beyond just “singing” and fully engages students in music literacy and Christian understanding.

Choir School

“Psallam Spiritu et Mente” • “I Will Sing with the Spirit and with the Understanding Also”

Children and youth in the Shadyside Presbyterian Church Choir School enjoy attending summer camps, participating in special concerts, leading Sunday worship, and the camaraderie that comes with being a part of the Choir School program.

The Choir School welcomes children as young as students in kindergarten to begin in the training choir and progress through a program that embraces a thorough music experience beyond reading music and singing.

Once children enter third grade and have completed their initial training choir program, they can become an official “chorister” and participate fully alongside our Chancel Choir in our Sunday worship services.

The Choir School program at Shadyside requires no fee or tuition, and enrollment is open to anyone regardless of religious affiliation. For a rehearsal schedule or information about enrolling, please contact Mr. Stephen Donnelly.

Royal School of Church Music and Voice for Life

The Shadyside Presbyterian Church Choir School is affiliated with the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) in America and gives children and adults unique experience in the English Cathedral Tradition. The goal of the RSCM is to uplift the spiritual life of communities through high-quality choral music. The RSCM provides musical education to singers through a structured vocal curriculum and summer music courses. Through its efforts to raise the quality of choral music performance, the RSCM touches the lives of singers across the world.

Shadyside Presbyterian Church follows the RSCM’s Voice for Life curriculum, in which choristers gain different colored ribbons by working toward various assessed levels of music theory, vocal technique, and Christian understanding. You may notice choristers wearing these medals during worship; please help us congratulate them for their accomplishments when you see them!

Choristers will be invited to enjoy a week of music-making and fun at the annual RSCM choir course held during the summer in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. For choristers, the week consists of activities like swimming, movies, games, variety shows, and, of course, rehearsal.

Meet/Contact Our Children’s Music Staff

Stephen M. Donnelly
Associate for Children’s Music