Mission Update: Mexico, March 14 and 15

Mission Experience in Partnership with ConeXión Mosaico

March 11–18, 2017

Work continued at CentroRenovar, where, in a nutshell, we did a hefty amount of moving heavy things from one place to another.  Among the things we moved: cement (up a forty-foot increase in elevation) to secure posts for a fence around the property, large bricks to be used in future walls (and moved to make room for the large machinery to dig out ground for a septic tank), dirt to make level ground for a future floor, etc. Some may view this grueling labor as tedious, hard, and pointless, but we see our work as creating space and added time for the skilled Mexican workers onsite to focus their energies on the tasks which we wouldn’t be able to do and by which they would be greatly slowed if they also had to complete the tasks we are doing.

However, in the midst of our work we began asking each other questions – some funny, some thoughtful, some personal. It has been a fun way of passing the time and growing in friendship with one another. Ironically (or divinely!), Jean-Luc Krieg (founder and executive director of ConeXión Mosaico) has chosen to use his devotional time with us to ponder some poignant questions that Scripture raises. The past two days we’ve focused on two questions in particular. First, the question of Genesis: “Where are you?”, which God asks of Adam and Eve after they have been tempted. It is not a question of anger, but of concern God has for his image-bearers. Where are you in relation to who God created you to be? Where are you in relation to the purpose for which God created you?

Secondly, we have looked at a question arising from God calling Abraham to go to Canaan. Abraham initially stops midway in Haran, and settles there for a time until God calls him again. It makes one wonder: What is your Haran? Where or how have you settled for “good enough” midway to where God is leading you? This week has become a time not only of working and catching up on the ministry of ConeXión Mosaico, but also of pondering – pondering our life stories, our dreams, our identities, our callings, our memories, and how God continues to speak to us through Scripture.

Contributed by Rebecca Reeder