Mission Update: Mexico, March 13

Mission Experience in Partnership with ConeXión Mosaico

March 11–18, 2017

Not much of an update today. It was our first day on the work site, and it was great to see the progress that has been made since we visited the site two years ago, when ground had yet to be broken. Jean-Luc Krieg (founder and executive director of ConeXión Mosaico) gave us a refresher on the purpose of CentroRenovar and explained the plans as we toured the property. With impending rain, we turned in early for the day after successfully leveling two huge piles of dirt to prepare for a future floor, and installing numerous poles for the construction of a fence around the property. We all are exhausted and headed to bed early tonight, aiming to pace ourselves better tomorrow. But, overall, it was a very productive and fulfilling day.

Contributed by Rebecca Reeder