Mission Update: Mexico, March 12

Mission Experience in Partnership with ConeXión Mosaico

March 11–18, 2017

Today was our tourist day. Since all five of us have been here before and have seen the Teotihuacán pyramids, Jean-Luc Krieg (founder and executive director of ConeXión Mosaico) arranged for us to visit the city center. It also just so happened to be the weekend of a huge car show and music festival, so it was definitely crowded, but exciting! We toured the National Palace and museum, and learned a lot more about the history of Mexico and its constitution and government. But even just driving and walking around the crowded metropolitan area gave us a new picture of the stark dichotomy between the wealth of the city center and the extreme poverty of the nearby slums in which ConeXión Mosaico has located its ministry. After having started our morning with an update on the ministry’s progress (which is truly amazing!) and the continuing need for transformation, our tourism was a further reminder of and a very visual encounter with the issues caused by urbanization.

We ended our day in worship with one of the house churches that is now fully self-sustaining in Chimalhuacán — an experience that renewed once again our hope in the power of Christ, who is bringing about true transformation in and through His people! Until tomorrow, buenas noches!

Contributed by Rebecca Reeder