Mission Update: Mexico, March 10

Mission Experience in Partnership with ConeXión Mosaico

March 4–11, 2017

Today, March 10, was our last full day in Mexico City. The day was very exciting and busy and included activities like visiting a massive white cross that had been built on top of a mountain, as well as purchasing merchandise (handmade soaps, hats, hand-stitched clothing and china sets) from local artisans and vendors.

The most significant part of the day, for me personally, was saying goodbye to the Mexican workers with whom we had been working for the week. Despite the language barrier that separated us, we still managed to communicate with each other and learn about each other’s lives. Humorous, kind, generous, and patient are just a few of the adjectives and characteristics I would use to describe the group of Mexican men with whom we worked. It was difficult to say goodbye to them, because of the connection I had felt with them while laughing with and learning from them. Although it was difficult to say goodbye, I am grateful for the friendships and connections I made with a group of people who I, without this opportunity, would have never encountered.

Contributed by Rebecca Stanton