Mission Update: Mexico, March 6

Mission Experience in Partnership with ConeXión Mosaico

March 4–11, 2017

Today was our first day of construction and it is safe to say we are all fairly tired. The morning started with Jean-Luc Krieg (founder and executive director of ConeXión Mosaico) sharing a great lesson about who God is and how we each individually picture God. He used a series of images and asked us each to select which picture most closely represented our image of God. This exercise was not only helpful to realize how I personally view God, but it was interesting to see which pictures everyone else chose and how that image reflected their personal interpretation of God.

After the morning devotions were over, we headed to the construction site. The work was physically demanding, but working together on various projects was a great opportunity to get to know each other better, as well as to learn more about the Mexicans who worked alongside us. Having the opportunity to talk with the Mexican workers was my favorite part of the day, because I had the opportunity to create new relationships and learn more about them personally and about their culture.

Contributed by Abigail Fisher