Local Mission Partner Updates

Rev. Todd E. Leach
Rev. Todd E. Leach
Needs and Responses to COVID-19

Dear members and friends of Shadyside Presbyterian Church,

We have been in communication with our local partners regarding need and response to COVID-19. Many of our partners have already been impacted financially, with some having to lay off staff. In addition to concerns for their staff, they are greatly concerned for their clients. Their repeated and greatest request was for prayer, but that was soon followed by expressed need for funding. Shadyside Presbyterian Church (SPC) will respond to financial needs as our budget allows, but below are ways you may be able to pray more specifically.

Grace & Peace,
Rev. Todd E. Leach, Associate Pastor for Missions

East End Cooperative Ministry

“Thank you for your prayers. We appreciate you thinking of us during this difficult time for all of us. Non-perishable food donations and monetary donations are always needed and welcome. We are seeing an increase in need for our pantry service due to clear shelves in the stores, and those who are experiencing poverty cannot go to the store and stock up. In addition, we feel as people are either out of work, or had reduction in their work hours, we also will see increased need for some time to come. I think we will get through this together, but it is not going to be easy for many.”

Foundation of Hope

“Currently, our biggest needs are prayer, donations, and financial support. The jail is still in need of paperback books and the Aftercare office can use toiletries and gift cards to Giant Eagle, etc. We expect the needs of our Aftercare offices to grow this year due to this crisis, and we may have to cancel our fundraiser, so the support of individuals and organizations during this time is crucial.”

Garfield Community Farm

“We’re currently experiencing weekly losses from our restaurant sales, and significant loss in the month of July from cancelled Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PTS) Summer Youth Institute (SYI) summer programming. But, we’re really excited to be able to donate food, starting this week, to families in Garfield who have been hit the hardest. Donations are our priority now, we’ll find ways to cover the finances as the year progresses.”

Hosanna House

“Your timing is perfect and quite overwhelming that you guys are thinking and reaching out. You are the first! Because of the extended length of time with our children off, we need to address that immediately regarding what tools and resources children and parents need for another few weeks. As of today [March 23], we are still open for essential services: health; dental; and women, infants, and children.”

Off the Floor Pittsburgh

“We initially thought we would close for about two weeks, but it is clear that will be much longer. After conferring with our board chair, Wes [Rohrer], over the weekend, it is expected at minimum we will not be able to return during April. So far, referrals have dropped off as partner agencies are also closed, and donors understand the limitations and they have backed off, as well.

“At this point, the best thing you can do is pray for us that we can survive this crisis and quickly return to a greater level of service. Pray for the wisdom to discern how we best make a comeback and that we can find the right people to be a part of our team moving forward.”

Open Hand Ministries

SPC has been in communication with Open Hand Ministries (OHM). OHM is concerned for its Circles teams, who are unable to gather during this time. They are attempting to forecast how their budget will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Food security is a concern, and donations through their website can help to provide food for their clients.

Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery (POWER)

“Thanks so much for reaching out. I can’t tell you how much it means to know you and Shadyside Presbyterian Church members are keeping us in your prayers. We need them. The whole world needs them. I’m going to share your message for two reasons – one, we’ll talk and see if there’s anything we can think of that you might be able to help with. I will let you know. The second and most important reason I want to share it with all the staff is because I know it will mean so much to them. In times like this, hope and inspiration come in many forms, and I’m so grateful you and your congregation are offering to be that hope and inspiration for POWER and all of those we serve.

“Thank you too for recognizing that connection and relationships are key to recovery. Some believe that substance use problems are a symptom of isolation and disconnection. We’re being as creative as we can in trying to stay in touch with those who need us most.”

The Neighborhood Academy

“Today [March 23], we began our distance learning plan with our students. We also dropped off thirty-one meals to our students. We anticipate that number growing as the students and families speak with each other, and we are certainly happy to provide our families with the meals that they need during this difficult time.”