Sunday School Teachers

One of the wonderful things about Sunday School teachers is that we always need more!

One of the frustrating and challenging things about Sunday School teachers is that we always need more! It’s wonderful because there is room for you – please don’t sit back and think that Shadyside is such a great congregation that, surely, we already have enough Sunday School teachers. Make the decision to join us this year.

Five reasons you should teach:

  1. The students are delightful: They will enrich your spirit, expand your horizons and grow your faith – you need them in your life!
  2. The lessons are compelling: They will challenge your thinking, give you new ways of sharing your faith, and deepen your own relationship with Jesus Christ. The lesson plans and materials have been selected and provided for you – no running to Walgreen’s at midnight to pick up pipe cleaners for some silly craft project. (Although we do occasionally use pipe cleaners, our focus is on exploring the Word through art, science, drama, storytelling, even woodworking, rather than cut-and-paste crafts.)
  3. The time commitment is finite: You commit to a specific Sunday or series of Sundays throughout the year, one year at a time. We rotate leadership responsibilities so that every leader has the opportunity to attend Adult Education and worship regularly – OK not every Sunday, but regularly, and we can provide electronic ways for you to “catch up” on what you miss.
  4. The teamwork is uplifting: The community of Sunday School leaders will delight and encourage you and help you feel the creative energy of the Spirit. Newcomers are paired with experienced leaders – and we always need two leaders in every class to ensure the students’ and teachers’ safety.
  5. You promised: Every time we baptize a child we are asked: Do you, the members of the church of Jesus Christ, vow to guide and nurture these children by word and deed, with love and prayer, encouraging them to know and follow Christ and to become faithful members of his church? Volunteering to lead Sunday School is a terrific way to make good on this vital promise.

Although you are welcome to write your own job description – there are many more opportunities than can easily be catalogued – here are the primary classes and times:

9:30 a.m.

Teach one month on, then one month off (e.g., Sept., Nov., Jan. or Oct., Dec., Feb.)

  • Four-year-olds through third graders
  • Fourth- and fifth-graders (This is a very special group whose spiritual and intellectual capacities are really beginning to bloom.)
  • Breakfast Club for middle school and senior high

11:00 a.m.

Teach one Sunday each month (e.g., every first Sunday, every second Sunday, etc.)

  • Two- and three-year-olds
  • Four-year-olds and kindergartners
  • First- through fifth-graders

Having a full complement of leaders means that trading Sundays is easy when you need to be away.

Ponder and pray about your commitment to this ministry. Contact Ellen Allston or ask her to refer you to a current Sunday school leader with questions. You’ll be glad you did.