Welcome to our mosaic.

When Rudolf Sheffler’s majestic mosaic of the Transfigured Christ in the apse of our chancel was dedicated on Easter Sunday 1938, it became in many ways not only a visual focal point of our sanctuary but also symbolic of our faith and life together as the people of God. It is a powerful metaphor of our Christian identity, purpose, and unity.

If you stand too close to this imposing mosaic, all you will see are thousands of glimmering tiles. These tiles individually are golden, red, green, blue, white, and other less prominent colors. Individually they are beautiful, but it is not until we step back from the mosaic that the Transfigured Christ comes into perspective. Each stone is necessary, but only when viewed together do they reveal the face of Christ.

This is also true for the ministry and mission of our church family, as each of us has a place and a responsibility to share the good news of the Gospel. Not one of us is the church itself. Only together do we become the Body, a visible demonstration of Christ and God’s love for humanity. Together we can become an essential mosaic in the world, reflecting the living presence of Christ.

We invite you to join us and become part of a living spiritual mosaic of Christ that is always in the process of creation — in this church, in this community, and in the world.

Whether you are an architect or lawyer, nursery worker or teacher, doctor or student, will you join us by adding your labors and devotion to the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ? We would love to welcome you.