Introducing New eGiving Options

Shadyside Presbyterian Church is pleased to introduce new eGiving options during this especially challenging time in order to encourage faithful stewardship among our community of faith.
Detail of Jesus Multiplies the Loaves and Fishes, art glass window in the north rear corner of the nave of Shadyside Presbyterian Church.

We know many of you have been eager for the church to explore these alternative methods of giving, and we thank you for your patience as the church’s staff and leaders determined the solution that meets our needs and merits your trust and confidence.

The church is now able to offer the following eGiving options:

  • Through the church website
  • Via text message
  • With an app on your mobile device

Each of these options supports transactions with credit/debit cards, or with your bank account using your routing and account numbers. You can select to make a one-time gift, or you can establish parameters for a recurring gift. (Note: Those of you who have arranged previously for fund transfers from your financial institutions may wish to consider setting up recurring contributions through one of these new alternatives instead.)

Before completing your gift, you will have the option to increase the total amount of your gift in order to help offset the processing fees the church incurs on each transaction. The suggested amount is calculated based on a percentage of your gift; the percentage varies depending upon the payment method you have selected.

During the introductory phase of this initiative, we will provide a limited number of funds to which you may direct your gift. Presently, you will find in the drop-down menu only two choices: one for general gifts (“Pledges”), and one for the COVID-19 Relief Fund. In the future, the Finance Office will identify other funds to be made available for contributions. The giving form includes a memo line, which you may complete if needed.

To learn more about which eGiving option is best for you, simply click here.

Thank you for faithfully supporting the mission and ministry of Shadyside Presbyterian Church.

To Get Started

Visit the home page of the church website and click the orange “Ways to Give” button in the upper right corner; or, if you are browsing the site on your mobile device, use the menu button in the upper right corner to find the orange “Ways to Give” button. Click the blue “Give Now” button to begin making a new gift online, or follow the instructions for the mobile giving options.

Names to Know

Our secure giving platform is called Abundant. Payments are processed by our merchant partner, Vanco. As a certified Level 1 Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant service provider, Vanco follows the PCI Data Security Standard, a mandated set of security requirements for protecting cardholder data. Trusted by more than 22,000 faith-based organizations, Vanco safeguards your privacy by adhering to the most stringent and comprehensive security guidelines.


Photograph: Detail of “Jesus Multiplies the Loaves and Fishes,” art glass window in the north rear corner of the nave of Shadyside Presbyterian Church. Photograph taken by Len Levasseur.