Easter Lilies

The Board of Deacons will approach our Flower Ministry’s lily options differently this season.

Although we are unable to provide you with the opportunity to order a lily plant for yourself this year, we invite you to support the church’s flower fund and to memorialize loved ones by placing their names in the Easter bulletin. There is no required minimum amount for a donation; please give whatever you deem appropriate and know that, in addition to beautifying the Sanctuary this Easter Sunday, you also will be bringing joy to those who would be blessed by a lily delivered by the deacons.

If you would like to memorialize loved ones with your donation, please click the button below; complete the form and click the “Submit” button before Sunday, March 14, in order for names to be published in the Easter bulletin. Donation instructions appear on the confirmation screen after your form has been submitted.

Submit Names

If you would like to make a donation without submitting any names for publication in the Easter bulletin, simply click here to begin your gift, and select “Flower Fund” from the drop-down fund menu before continuing. Thank you for supporting the Flower Ministry of Shadyside Presbyterian Church!