By God’s Side: January 13, 2021

Weekly Inspirational Reflections from the Reverend Dr. John A. Dalles

January 13, 2021: June in January

The Reverend Dr. John A. DallesThere is an old popular song called “It’s June in January,” the premise of which is that, when you are in love, the seasons may come and go, but the climate is great, no matter what. I like that sentiment, and perhaps you do, too.

When we find ourselves in mid-January, we are not going to come across the gorgeous wildflowers that surround us in the woods and fields in the spring and summertime. Winter has its own charms, but those who enjoy the trillium and violets look for their charms in vain, this time of year.

Even so, remember that God is doing something good for those wildflowers now — preparing them, as they wait and rest, for their days of fully opened blossoms and joyous color. Yes, even when the ground is frozen or blanketed with snow, the power of the Almighty is working toward that day when we will see those flowers in bloom, and rejoice.

Maybe you have a touch too much of a January mood right now. I hope not. However, that happens to us all. When it does, it is good, and right, and faithful, for us to envision what will be. God is at work, caring for you. God is at work, preparing you. God is at work, so that you will become what God knows you can become. God loves you into the future, day by day.

So, do not be discouraged. Remember that God loves you. Make it your plan to think along these lines, as you echo the lyrics of that old song: “The night is cold, the trees are bare; but I can feel the scent of roses in the air.”

“If God cares so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today and thrown into the fire tomorrow, He will certainly care for you.” — Matthew 6:30 (New Living Translation)

The Reverend Dr. John A. Dalles
Interim Senior Pastor, Shadyside Presbyterian Church

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