Church Vision: Building Community

Everyone needs a home. Your home may be the place where you are living, or it may be the place to which you return every time you need to remember who you are, but it is hard on the soul to live without a home.

Clearly, we all need a church home, as well. It is the place where life gets put back together not only in times of crisis, but also after a hard week of responding to the demands that tear us in so many conflicting directions.

Through prayerful discernment and consideration, the elders of Shadyside Presbyterian Church, together with the staff leadership, have made “Building Community” the focus of our work. Our programs of ministry and mission are centered on developing the sense of community both within the congregation and in the neighborhoods around us. When people visit the church, we want them to encounter the hospitality of Christ that receives every stranger as a member of the family. We want our children to grow up in a church family that loves them as if they were all our own kids, which they are. We want every member of the congregation to feel like this is a place where they belong and are known. And we want our worship services to be the place where we can come home to the God who restores our fractured souls. In addition, we are committed to building the household of God in distressed parts of our city and in disadvantaged neighborhoods of other nations, as well.

Shadyside Presbyterian Church is a church home where we welcome all to be a part of our church family. We are devoted to building a community where everyone can find the hospitality of Jesus Christ.