Stephen Donnelly

Associate for Children's Music and Social Media Coordinator

A dedicated and dynamic Associate for Children’s Music, Video Technician, and Social Media Coordinator at Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Stephen Donnelly brings a rich tapestry of experience and passion to his roles. Since joining the church staff in 2013, Stephen has been instrumental in enriching the church’s musical and digital landscapes.

Stephen’s journey in music and education is deeply rooted in his academic pursuits. He is a proud alumnus of Duquesne University, where he studied music education, laying the groundwork for a career that skillfully blends teaching and musical artistry.

Before and during his tenure at Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Stephen honed his skills for sixteen years in public education, teaching music in renowned school districts like Fox Chapel, North Allegheny, and Quaker Valley. This experience, combined with five years at Apple, where he mastered digital content creation, has equipped Stephen with a unique skill set that he brings to the church.

At Shadyside Presbyterian Church, Stephen’s contributions are threefold:

  • Children’s Music Ministry: He leads a vibrant children’s choir, nurturing young talents from kindergarten to high school. His approach not only fosters musical skill but also imbues a sense of spiritual connection through liturgical music.
  • Video Ministry: As the architect behind the church’s live streams, Stephen ensures that the church’s message reaches a broader audience, transcending physical barriers.
  • Social Media Coordination: With a strategic approach and collaboration with the Communications Committee, he manages the church’s presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, keeping the community connected and engaged.

Stephen’s philosophy revolves around the essential role of arts education in developing both creative and critical thinking skills. He believes that every child deserves the opportunity to explore and express themselves artistically, a belief that shines through in his work with the children’s choir.

Looking ahead, Stephen is excited about expanding the children’s choir and continuing to amplify the church’s voice through social media. His goal is to create more opportunities for youth involvement in worship and to extend the church’s reach well beyond its physical walls.

Outside his church responsibilities, Stephen enjoys photography, biking, and quality time with his family. These hobbies not only offer him a creative outlet but also keep him grounded and connected to the community he serves.