Jamie Shipley

Associate for Children's Ministry

Jamie Gabler Shipley joined the Shadyside Presbyterian Church staff as Associate for Children’s Ministry in October 2021.

A Pittsburgh native, Jamie earned undergraduate degrees in elementary education and early childhood education from the University of Pittsburgh. She began working as an educator in Presbyterian churches during college and has served ten different congregations in the eastern United States. Mixed in and among those calls were international ones to Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Honduras, and Guatemala, as well as two in the United States to Appalachia and Olympic National Park. She has directed conferences at Montreat, taught classes at Ghost Ranch, and keynoted at youth conferences at Mo-Ranch and Westminster Woods.

Reflecting on her varied ministry, Jamie describes it as “fun and full,” but, when called back home to care for an ill family member, she also felt drawn back to Shadyside Presbyterian Church. Early in her career, she served as Director of Children’s Ministry at Shadyside Presbyterian Church for eight years. She is so pleased to be working in educational ministries again as an assistant to Ellen Allston, our current Director of Children’s Ministry.

We are blessed and delighted that Jamie, who is already a member of our church family, has graciously accepted the invitation to return to the church staff as our colleague in ministry.