Ellen Allston

Director of Children's Ministry

Prior to joining Shadyside’s staff in July 2008, Ellen Allston had a successful twenty-year career as the Export Compliance Manager and Production Supervisor for Ansoft Corporation.

The decision to retire from the corporate world was something she had considered for some time, and, when Shadyside presented a new challenge, her heart was already prepared to accept a new opportunity.

Ellen and her husband Mark joined Shadyside in 1988 from Hebron Church, where they met in the high school youth group. Anne Camp was the first person to ask Mark and Ellen to volunteer at Shadyside – to teach Sunday school – and their love for the church family started there. As a member, Ellen has been active in the Choral Society and Chancel Choir. She has served on numerous committees, including Human Resources, the Community Relations MAC, and the Youth Committee. Ellen acted as the chairperson of the Music Search Committee which called J. Christopher Pardini. In addition, she has been actively involved for many years in the Bazaar, among other church events.

A graduate of Westminster College, Ellen’s early career interest was in elementary education, but studies and work experience took her down the path of international business. It is with great joy that Ellen returns to education and to furthering the work of God’s kingdom. Mark and Ellen live in Plum Borough and have two children, Patrick and Laura. When not working or volunteering, Ellen enjoys reading, gardening, traveling, cooking, and doing laundry; however, above all, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.


412.682.4300, ext. 119