Staff Directory

Rev. Dr. John A. Dalles

Interim Senior Pastor
412.682.4300, ext. 136

Rev. Todd E. Leach

Associate Pastor for Missions
412.682.4300, ext. 121

Rev. John F. Magnuson

Associate Pastor for Discipleship
412.682.4300, ext. 125

Rev. Lynn M. Portz

Associate Pastor for Parish Life
412.682.4300, ext. 122

Ellen Allston

Director of Christian Education
412.682.4300, ext. 119

Mark A. Anderson

Director of Music Ministry
412.682.4300, ext. 124

Robert Anderson

Head Sexton

Sexton Cell: 412.965.0613

Peter Bodnar

Director of Communications
412.682.4300, ext. 116

Jane Boyle

Director of Children’s Handbell Choir

Chef Steven Bright

Hospitality Coordinator
412.682.4300, ext. 126

Jeffrey Brown

Director of Campus Outreach
412.682.4300, ext. 123

Judy Brust

412.682.4300, ext. 112

Robert Coder

Director of Finance
412.682.4300, ext. 113

Stephen Donnelly

Associate for Children's Music Education

Della Ellard

Administrative Assistant
412.682.4300, ext. 117

Ruth Garrett

Assistant to the Senior Pastor
412.682.4300, ext. 111

Karen Jueng

Associate for Children’s Ministry

Mary Lang

Director of the Nursery School

Sonja Lipski

Assistant for Infant Ministry

Dennis Martin


Sexton Cell: 412.965.0613

Bobby Pack


Sexton Cell: 412.965.0613

Nancy Shaytar

Director of Finance Emerita

Kaysie Strickland

Assistant to the Associate Pastors
412.682.4300, ext. 100

Steve Zelenko

Recording Engineer