Church Publications

In addition to our website, Shadyside Presbyterian Church also produces a number of publications which aspire both to inform and to inspire our church family. We share the Good News along with those stories from our church family which illuminate the great purposes God is accomplishing among and through us and our partners near and far. We hope you will see the love of Christ and the vitality of our congregation reflected within these pages.

The Church Mouse is Shadyside Presbyterian Church’s monthly newsletter. Recent issues are available to download in PDF format from this page.

The Mini-Mouse is Shadyside Presbyterian Church’s weekly e-newsletter. Archived issues are available from this page.

The church’s weekly bulletin can be downloaded from the Worship Archive.

The church’s blog may be accessed here.

Historical and Architectural Books: Elder Timothy C. Engleman has written two books about Shadyside Presbyterian Church: one chronicling the 150-year history of the church, and another exploring the church’s architecture. To purchase a copy of either book, please download and complete the order form, mailing it to the church office for fulfillment.

  • Evidence of Things Not Seen: Architecture & Christian Symbolism at Shadyside Presbyterian Church (2010) explores the architectural design, liturgical arrangement, and Christian art at our church. Published in full color, this comprehensive volume contains historic and modern photos which illustrate both familiar and little-known symbols that direct our attention to Jesus Christ.
  • Liturgy: A Reflection on Shadyside Presbyterian Church (2016) tells the 150-year history of Shadyside Presbyterian Church through stories sampling the church in each era of its existence to identify church family traits that would be recognizable to congregation members from any era.