Gavin Walton

In 2016, Gavin Walton graduated from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PTS). During his time as a student, he completed his nine-month placement for his field education at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Upper St. Clair.  His favorite class at PTS was “Rethinking Church” with Dr. Edwin van Driel.

Gavin grew up in the Stanton Heights section of Pittsburgh.  He was raised in the Roman Catholic Church; for a time, he was a member of the Pentecostal Church.  In June 2014, he married Kelly in a wedding ceremony at Shadyside Presbyterian Church.  Elder Art Gilkes served as Gavin’s liaison on the Session of Shadyside Presbyterian Church.

On May 11, 2016, the Pittsburgh Presbytery’s Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) approved Gavin to be Certified Ready to Receive a Call.  In June, Gavin wrote the following message to the church:

“I wanted to thank you all for your prayers and support along the way. I am currently interning at a few churches in the area while searching for an official call. Despite my absence, I wanted to reaffirm my love and appreciation for my home church. I would have never made it to the point of realizing God’s purpose for me if not for your rearing and guidance during these formative years. As I seek to help a congregation live into God’s vision for them, I will remember and (try to) emulate the love and discipleship with which you have blessed me.”

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