Trustees represent the congregation in the stewardship of property and management of funds.
  • Trustees encourage generosity, and, in all dealings, work to further our service to Christ in the world.
  • Trustees oversee the corporate financial affairs and fixed assets of the church. Trustees work through committees, including Investments, Insurance, Building and Grounds, and Audit.
  • The trustees also serve as directors of the Pitcairn-Crabbe Foundation, overseeing the grant-making decisions of this related charitable foundation.
  • The trustees, directors of Pitcairn-Crabbe, and committees meet quarterly or as needed.
  • Trustees should be persons of good character, sound judgment, and dedication.

Class of 2025

Mark G. Allston
Frederick W. Brooke IV
Eliza S. Brown
Brigetta P. Del Re

Class of 2026

James S. Kissel
Priscilla McCrady
B. James Shafer
Robert Thomson

Class of 2027

James M. Gockley
Terrence H. Murphy
Mary Margaret M. Stamy
Tracey Garland Vinson


JoAnn F. Patross