Trustees represent the congregation in the stewardship of property and management of funds.
  • Trustees oversee the fiscal and corporate affairs of the church, encourage generosity, and, in all dealings, work to further our service of Christ in the world.
  • Trustees also serve as directors of the Pitcairn-Crabbe Foundation, which oversees the grant-making decisions of this charitable foundation.
  • Trustees should be persons of good character, sound judgment, and dedication.

Class of 2019

Linda C. Fisher
Boyd S. Murray
W. Keith Smith
Edward B. Wood

Class of 2020

H. Daniel Cessna
Roy G. Dorrance III
Herold S. Hannah Jr.
Theresa A. Malmstrom

Class of 2021

Henry S. Beukema Jr.
Alexander G. Dick
William J. Hoffman
JoAnn Patross


Raymond P. Fitzsimmons

Assistant Treasurer

Richard J. Wood