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Thank you for your interest in Shadyside Presbyterian Church and our search for a senior pastor.

The Ministry Information Form (MIF) is posted with the Church Leadership Connection of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and may be downloaded in PDF format as well.

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Ministry Information Form

General Information

Ministry Number: 08228
Ministry Name: Shadyside Presbyterian Church
Mailing Address: 5121 Westminster Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone: 412-682-4300
Fax: 412-682-1257

Ministry Size: 651 – 1,000 members
Average Worship Attendance: 270
Church School Attendance: 60
Children: staff-adapted using Godly Play, Following Jesus, and others;
Youth: Feasting on the Word;
Adults: Kerygma, topical books, Life Guide
Ethnic Composition:
3% Asian; 1% Black or African American (African Native, Caribbean); 1% Hispanic Latino/Latina, Spanish; 95% White

Presbytery: Pittsburgh Presbytery
Synod: Synod of the Trinity
Community Type: Urban
Is this a yoked congregation? No
Ten-year trend statistics of this church: Show Statistics

Information about the Position

Position: Head of Staff (Multi-Staff Pastor, who supervised two or more teaching elders and other staff)
Specific Title: Senior Pastor and Head of Staff
Experience Required: 5 to 10 Years
Employment Status: Full-time
Language Requirements: English
Statement of Faith Required: Yes
Other Training: Earned Doctorate in a related field preferred

Church Mission Statement

Shadyside Presbyterian Church seeks to reflect God’s unconditional love as we proclaim, witness to, and celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ. We strive to be a worshiping, welcoming, learning, and serving community of faith that is comforted, challenged, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Vision for Ministry

God’s presence is palpable in our sanctuary on Sunday mornings, which is why we take such care to craft a worship service that glorifies God and prepares us for the week ahead. From an intellectually stimulating sermon to music that nourishes the soul, our worship service has been called “the jewel in the crown” of our life together. Shadyside is a regional church (many drive an hour or more to get here) with a rich and storied history. World Communion Sunday began at SPC and the longrunning, far-reaching radio broadcast of our worship service, Sunday at Shadyside, brought us to national prominence. This history propels us into the future as we seek to meet the needs of our changing city, nation, and world.

We love being together as a church family, learning about God and each other. We are not a homogenous bunch; we are a group of people from different backgrounds who have Christ at our center and know that the center holds. There is much that excites us about where we are in both place and time. Pittsburgh has transitioned from an industrial powerhouse to a hub of “eds and meds” and tech. But the city’s tapestry of unique neighborhoods has remained. Likewise, Shadyside has transitioned from a church known largely for who attended it to a church eagerly engaging with our world. We’ve maintained the best of our past and are facing the future with anticipation to see where God leads us.

Ways in Which We Feel Called to Reach Out to Address the Emerging Needs of Our Community

SPC feels compelled to share God’s love with our world both at home and abroad. We know that we become better neighbors when we build relationships and serve alongside our partners—joining forces to help God’s Kingdom break into the world. Locally, we work with groups that focus on the education and protection of children at risk, and women in recovery; we help provide furniture to disadvantaged families; we connect with a whole host of others in the metro area to address hunger and homelessness. Nationally, we send an intergenerational team to Mars Hill, NC each summer, where we work to build bonds with residents through conversation and service as we rehab their homes. And globally, we work alongside people in Africa, China, Guatemala, and Mexico to build churches, hospitals, day care centers, and whatever they need to bring relief to their communities.

We especially value the enduring relationships we’ve built through these partnerships. In these connections we see the face of God.

We also seek to deepen our connections to God and each other through education. Shadyside began over 150 years ago as a Sunday school for neighborhood children, and learning is still at the heart of who we are. Sunday morning offerings, led by laypeople and staff alike, include book and Bible studies for adults and classes for youth and children. Additional opportunities to learn occur at study groups that meet during the week.

Ways in Which This Position Will Help Us to Reach Our Vision and Mission Goals

The first part of our mission is to reflect God’s unconditional love. When the Shadyside congregation participated in a pastoral search survey in September 2019, the results were loud and clear—achieving our goals begins with a Senior Pastor who loves preaching and teaching, and is attracted to a congregation hungry to listen, learn and study. By leading us in profound and illuminating worship, our next Senior Pastor will help us hear God’s voice. It is worship that draws us together, but it is also what sends us out. Our next Senior Pastor will help us discern how we are being called to serve, and will help us walk boldly into that future.

Our mission is also to be a prayerful, welcoming, and serving community. Our next Senior Pastor will inspire the congregation and staff alike to draw into ever deepening relationships with one another and with our human family. She/He will guide us in expanding our understanding of how to serve Christ. We know that the Holy Spirit comforts, empowers, and challenges us. We look to our next Senior Pastor to help us navigate that journey so that we can fulfill our potential for good in the world.

A church that functions well also is vital to help us realize our goals. Shadyside is blessed with two fantastic Associate Pastors and a dedicated staff, and we look to our next Senior Pastor to harness all that talent, directing their efforts toward a shared, common vision.

Characteristics Needed by the Person Who Is Open to Being Called to This Congregation

Our next Senior Pastor will be first and foremost a gifted preacher and inspired worship leader. As part of that, the pastor will demonstrate strong personal faith, spiritual discipline and a commitment to prayer and study.

Our next Senior Pastor will be a collaborator, embracing the opportunity to lead—but also to learn—alongside the entire Shadyside community.

Our next Senior Pastor will know in his/her bones that positive relationships are at the heart of any successful organization, and, in order to administer well, will develop good rapport with a large, knowledgeable staff and committed laity.

Our next Senior Pastor will understand the importance of sound fiscal policy and careful stewardship of buildings, trusts and endowments.

Our next Senior Pastor will be a vision caster, helping us to recognize where God is leading us—and then helping us to get there. We are not content to simply be the church that we were; we are eager to become the church we can be and need to be.

Specific Tasks, Assignments, and Program Areas in This Person’s Responsibility

As our primary leader in worship and in preaching, Shadyside’s Senior Pastor will need to provide a strong and regular presence in the pulpit on Sundays and in Vespers on Wednesday. That also requires collaboration with the Director of Music Ministry and associate pastors.

The Senior Pastor should empower the associate pastors in their work to extend God’s love into the world and create a nurturing faith community.

The Senior Pastor will lead, mentor, and motivate Shadyside’s professional staff as they amplify our presence in the Pittsburgh community and around the world through Christian education and hospitality, and as they faithfully administer the resources entrusted to SPC by our members past and present.

Finally, Shadyside Presbyterian Church seeks a Senior Pastor who is as inspired by our future as we are. In service of that goal, the Senior Pastor will lead the congregation and elders in shaping a new vision for the church, recognizing that our rich history was created over the decades by those who dared to dream of what had never been there before.

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Leadership Competencies

Preaching and Worship Leadership
Spiritual Maturity
Decision Making
Organizational Agility
Strategy and Vision
Interpersonal Engagement

Compensation and Housing: Cost of Living Calculator
Minimum Effective Salary: $125,000
Housing Type: Housing Allowance


Ray Fitzsimmons
Address: c/o Shadyside Presbyterian Church, 5121 Westminster Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone: 412-682-4300

Krissy Moehling
Deacon and Ruling Elder
Address: c/o Shadyside Presbyterian Church, 5121 Westminster Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone: 412-682-4300

David Anthony
Ruling Elder and previous Clerk of Session
Address: c/o Shadyside Presbyterian Church, 5121 Westminster Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Phone: 412-682-4300

Equal Employment Opportunity

The unity of believers in Christ is reflected in the rich diversity of the Church’s membership. In Christ, by the power of the Spirit, God unites persons through baptism regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sex, disability, geography, or theological conviction. There is therefore, no place in the life of the Church for discrimination against any person. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) shall guarantee full participation and representation in its worship, governance, and emerging life to all persons or groups within its membership. No member shall be denied participation or representation for any reason other than stated in this Constitution. (F-1.0403)

Each Pastor Nominating committee and Search committee is expected to undertake its search for a Teaching Elder in a manner consistent with the good news that in the church “… as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Has the Pastor Nominating Committee and Search Committee affirmed its intention to follow the Form Of Government in this regard? Yes

Self-Referral Contact Information

Executive Presbyter:
Sheldon W. Sorge
Address: 901 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233
Office Phone: 412-323-1400 ext. 314
Fax: 412-323-2256

Commission on Ministry:
Rev. Tara Thompson | Rev. Larry Ruby
Address: 799 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh PA 15228 | 716 Gill Hall Rd., Jefferson Hills, PA 15025
Daytime Phone: 412-343-8900 | 412-653-4797
Office Phone: 412-697-9210

Pastor Nominating Committee:
Percy M. Jackson
Address: c/o Shadyside Presbyterian Church, 5121 Westminster Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Daytime Phone: 412-682-4300
Fax: 412-682-1257

Version Track Info: This MIF was last updated on 01/04/2020