Shadyside's Radio Ministry

If reaching people for Christ through the Internet seemed forward-thinking to us a decade ago, imagine Shadyside Presbyterian Church launching a radio broadcast in 1922. The venue was KDKA, less than two years after its pioneering commercial broadcast. The original program, a decade into the pastorate of Hugh Thomson Kerr, was our Sunday afternoon Vespers service. The station’s powerful clear-channel signal reached people nationwide, resulting in many stories of lives changed by the Gospel. That broadcast continued twenty years and was succeeded by various programs on KDKA, KQV, WJAS, and WEDO.

In 2004, a re-evaluation of our radio ministry led us to reunite with our original broadcast partner, and our broadcast returned to KDKA to benefit from the station’s wide coverage, much of the Eastern seaboard at night. The current half-hour program, Sunday at Shadyside, may be heard on KDKA (1020 AM) on Sundays at 11:00 p.m. and is comprised of two of the things Shadyside Presbyterian Church offers uniquely well: compelling preaching of the Word and worship music offered up in excellence.

Today, our website and compact disc ministry serve many functions traditional to a radio ministry. Those who wish to share our full (unabbreviated) worship experience, but are unable to join us in person, can do so conveniently through our compact disc ministry or our website. Yet Shadyside still engages in this special form of outreach by proclaiming the Gospel over the airwaves to local and out-of-state listeners alike.

A generous bequest from the George Fulton estate was made in support of Shadyside’s radio ministry and helps fund the program.

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