“When my soul was embittered … I was stupid.” (Psalm 73:21-22)

Holy God, as the saying goes, “Stuff happens.”  That’s not exactly the saying, but it’s the only way that I am going to say it to you.  Almost always, what we mean by that phrase is that bad things happen.  This is when we have to make really important choices.

When I am hurt, it is so tempting to savor the injustice and pain I feel.  Even if no one is to blame, I can probably still find a way of making myself the victim.  I want to coddle the hurt, and make it my intimate friend who really understands me.  And that always leads me to becoming embittered.

I would have expected the Psalmist to say that this is when you would break in to fix the injustice that has happened.  But instead, we are told that bitterness leads to stupidity.  As I think about it, some of my worst choices have been made out of hurt.

So continue your gracious call to flee the tombs of bitterness.  It is only a place of death, and nothing life-giving is ever decided there.  Amen.


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