“… terror and amazement had seized them.” (Mark 16:8)

Holy God, one of the many drawbacks to living in a society that considers itself scientifically sophisticated is that nothing much amazes us.  And that leads to a flattening of our souls. 

There was a day when humans were in awe of the sun, thunder, and even such gentle things as a rainbow.  The world used to be filled with mystery, and the ancient people who beheld its wonders prayed without ceasing.  But mystery has always terrified us.  So we dug deep into the nature of nature, and found rational explanations for most anything it can throw at us.  We think that if we can just understand something, it will no longer be frightening.  But the cost of not being scared is that we are no longer amazed, and thus not fully alive.

Enter the Resurrection.  At its best, science shrugs its shoulders and says, “This is outside our realm of work.”  Right.  Just as the women who felt both terror and amazement at the discovery that their Savior had been raised from the dead, so are we forced to look beyond our learned rationality to discover hope in something more than we understand.  That frightens us because we cannot control the things we do not understand.  And yet that is exactly what brings our souls back to life with amazement.

Thank you for piercing our rational explanations with the discovery that there is more than we can possibly understand.  Now we can pray again.  Amen.


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